1999 Trying to make a map of summer cottage surroundings
2001 Learning mapping basics from excelent book for orienteering mappers from Z.Lenhart
2002 First orienteering sprint map with very low quality.
2004 My first forest map. Used for World Champs in radio-orienteering :-)
2005 Making sprint map for national competition.
2006 Making map for Czech national championships in middle distance.
2007 Invited to Norway, maps at Trondheim surroundings.
2008 Working in Norway once again, maps at Trondheim surroundings.
2008 First mapper (at least in Czech) using UMPC to mapping - uOg method.
2009 Head mapper of Czech long distance championships.
2014 Leading a bigger project in France.
2017 Established as trusted producer of high-quality maps for French orienteering national team. Long term cooperation.
2018 Making maps for first major event - Junior European Cup 2019.
2018 Supervisor of Orienteering World Cup in Prague, including maps advising and generalization.
2019 Established Adamna s.r.o. company focused on event organizing and mapping.

I've been mapping since my 14 years when I decided to make a map of summer cottage surroundings. Repeated failures in trying to make a good map brought me to excelent book for orienteering mappers writen by Z. Lenhart, the famous Czech mapper. This book and also him personally helped me to pass over beginer's troubles. To see my mapping experiences look at the list of maps I've made.


21 years of mapping
56 maps created
80,0 km2 mapped
4 215 hours spent mapping in forest
53 hours per km2 in average

Recent projects

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Col des Limites, St. Antheme, FRA more information »

Šibeník 2023, Troubsko, CZE more information »

Croix du Trève, St. Gst. Malifaux, FRA more information »

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Latest news

Update of mapped maps. There is no time to update more :-(. You can check list of my orienteering maps.

Next 14.1 km2 of new map was created by me and 7 colleagues in the France. You can check list of my orienteering maps.

Mapped very interesting terrain in Slovakia, close to Banska Bystrica. It is a map for Slovakian Championships and it is combined of tricky vegetation, nice mining area and clear forest. You can check list of my orienteering maps

Partially updated this page with new information. But lot of things remains obsolete, until I found more time to update it.

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