2000 First steps with HTML
2002 First experiences with programming desktop applications, first simple version of ORO.
2005 ORO was used for online results from Europian Championships.
2007 Programming company Adamna NET established.
2008 ORO was used at two World Championships.
2008 Started to study at Brno University of technology.
2011 Plenty of web pages and also some bigger programming projects have been programmed yet.
2012 Working as C# programmer at international research centre CEITEC.

When I was a small boy, I was reading the ABC magazine, when I saw the article about web-pages programming. I was fascinated with simplicity of that, so I started with it immediately. It was useful for me, because I organized my first competition and I wanted to place information about it on the Internet. There was a short way from basic HTML to more advanced JavaScript and PHP, from Pascal to DELPHI, C, C++, C# and suddenly I was somebody like a programmer ...

Adamna NET

In 2007, I established a small programming company. At first we were creating customer solutions of web pages, then we continued with internet applications like an Intranet systems of companies, web services, etc. Now we are programming most sophisticated customer applications.

More informations: http://www.adamna.net


Since 2012, I am working at partial load in Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC) as a technical employee. My work is composed from programming drivers for specialized measuring devices and from robotic manipulators research.

More informations: http://www.ceitec.eu

My projects

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Running projects: Finished projects:
Latest news

Next 14.1 km2 of new map was created by me and 7 colleagues in the France. You can check list of my orienteering maps.

Mapped very interesting terrain in Slovakia, close to Banska Bystrica. It is a map for Slovakian Championships and it is combined of tricky vegetation, nice mining area and clear forest. You can check list of my orienteering maps

Partially updated this page with new information. But lot of things remains obsolete, until I found more time to update it.

Mapping project in France again. Around 13 km2 of new map was created by me and 6 colleagues. You can check list of my orienteering maps.

Supervised mapping of an orienteering map for traditional event Adamna Cup, organized anually in Brno.

Adam Chromý
Jundrov 570
637 00 Brno
Czech Republic

+420 776 627 692