If you want to see my best results, visit Overview page of Orienteering section. Results of my map-skill trainings could be determined from route choices on maps at Digital orienteering map archive. Other results could be found at following links:

Results 2015

This table contains all my results in season 2015, important events are mixed with with regional events.

11.1.Hruška Cupregional event4.17:06+0:25 map
31.1.Hromniční trápeníregional event1.25:52 map
15.2.ONOS Cupregional event2.17:05+0:16 map
14.3.Winter League Prostejovregional event1.26:50 map
20.3.Jarni pohar - nightnational event5.72:12+5:25 map
22.3.Jarni pohar - relaynational event1. (1)27:22 map
11.4.Sprint Kurimregional event3.20:06+1:11 map
18.4.Moravian Cupnational event5.74:57+3:06 map
19.4.Czech Relay Leaguerelay national league2. (1)43:41 map
25.4.Czech Night Champsnational champs3.78:13+3:34 map
26.4.Czech Relay Leaguerelay national league1. (1)39:32 map
10.5.TIOMILA 2015international relay3. (10)46:44+0:28 map
12.6.Regional Relay Champsregional relay4. (1)23:46 map
13.6.Pohar Adasturegional event1.54:25 map
21.6.Czech middle champsnational champs17. (Q6)39:46+5:00 map F,Q
12.7.HSH Vysocina Cup3 days competition7. (19,2,12)188:00+9:24 E1,E2,E3
8.9.University Champs - sprintuniversity champs10.20:58+1:34 map
9.9.University Champs - longuniversity champs8.65:42+7:37 map
12.9.Czech Relay Leaguenational relay1. (D)38:48 map
12.9.Czech Sprint Leaguenational event9.16:37+1:21
13.9.Czech Relay Leaguenational relay6. (2)42:22+0:24 map
20.9.Zhusta cupregional event2.34:59+0:17 map
10.10.Czech relay champsnational champs3. (3)47:12+1:32 map
11.10.Czech team champsnational champs2. (3)38:43+0:46
28.10.Regional cupregional eventD32:35+1:33 map
7.11.Club Cup - E1club event6.38:42+2:05 map
7.11.Club Cup - E2club event2.26:30+1:58 map
8.11.Club Cup - relayclub event14. (2)25:14+0:59 map
13.12.Kauflaufregional event7.20:01+1:28 map

Results 2014

This table contains all my results in season 2014, important events are mixed with with regional events.

12.1.Hruška Cupregional event7.19:21+1:33 map
1.2.Hromniční trápeníregional event1.19:57 map
9.2.Onos Cupregional event1.17:39 map
8.3.Lipica Openinternational event3. (3,4)118:44+5:06 E1, E2
22.3.Jarní pohárnational event2.100:39+0:01 map
23.3.Czech Relay Leaguerelay national league1. (1)37:14 map
29.3.JmL Cup Kladerubyregional event1.59:32 map
5.4.JmL Cup Rosiceregional event1.30:57 map
13.4.Czech Relay Leaguerelay national league1. (1)37:43 map
26.4.Czech Night Champsnational event4.74:13+9:39 map
27.4.Czech Relay Leaguerelay national league1. (2)42:52+3:13 map
4.5.TIOMILA 2014international relay1. (2)50:08+0:24 map
25.5.Czech Relay Leaguerelay national league1. (1)45:14 map
7.6.Czech League - longnational league1.90:32 map
8.6.Czech League - middlenational league3.37:20+1:23 map
14.6.JUKOLA 2014international relay30. (27)82:13+5:40 map
21.6.Czech middle champsnational champs8. (Q5)39:49+2:36 map F,Q
27.6.Czech University Champsuniversity champs2.81:23+0:12 map
18.7.HSH Vysocina Cup3 days competition2. (1,3,6)183:45+4:17 E1,E2,E3
1.8.OO Cup 20145 days competition1. (all 1)237:53 1,2,3,4,5
13.8.WUOC - longworld univ. champs11.89:33+10:19 map
15.8.WUOC - middleworld univ. champs25.35:49+4:05 map
16.8.WUOC - relayworld univ. champs9. (7)32:21+1:27 map
21.9.Zhusta Cuplocal event1. (1,1)43:35+5:04 map
28.9.Czech long champsnational champs13. (Q5)112:16+11:40 map F,Q
11.10.Czech relay champsnational champs2. (6)44:20+3:19 map
12.10.Czech team champsnational champs4. (2)33:14+0:19 map
18.10.Austria night champsnational champs4.60:26+1:20 map
19.10.Austria Cupnational league1.37:11 map
1.11.Poslední kufrregional league1.33:21 map

Results 2013

This table contains all my results in season 2013, important events are mixed with with regional events.

13.1.Hruška Cupregional event2.16:49+0:42 map
18.1.Night-O TestCzech Team test1.36:01 map
22.2.AOM Prologueinternational event5.16:05+0:56 map
23.2.AOM Longinternational event7.82:23+9:44 map
24.2.AOM Middleinternational event16.33:27+4:53 map
25.2.AOM One-Man-Relayinternational event19.41:04+5:01 map
13.4.CESOM long sprintinternational event7.25:49+2:09 map
14.4.CESOM longinternational event4.90:23+3:58 map
21.4.Czech Night Champsnational champs1.74:05 map 1, 2
27.4.Silva League Longnational event SWE46.105:48+15:21 map
28.4.Silva League Middlenational event SWE9.43:22+3:42 map
5.5.TIOMILA 2013international relay10. (42)61:36+4:58 map
16.6.JUKOLA 2013international relay18. (11)64:25+4:12 map
24.6.Czech middle champsnational champs2. (Q1)33:24+0:22 map F,Q
14.7.HSH Vysocina Cup3 days competition2. (4,1,1)156:20+0:13 E1,E2,E3
7.9.Czech Relay Leaguerelay national league7. (3)40:11+3:37 map
7.9.Czech League - sprintnational league4.14:43+0:55 map
8.9.Czech Relay Leaguerelay national league6. (2)45:21+1:30 map
14.9.Czech League - longnational league4.88:45+3:49 map
15.9.Czech League - middlenational league5.39:12+1:37 map
22.9.Czech long champsnational champs6. (Q2)91:33+9:37 map F,Q
28.9.Czech relay champsnational champs6. (2)44:52+2:58 map
29.9.Czech team champsnational champs4. (3)40:52+1:25 map
19.10.Austria night champsnational champs1.62:36 map
20.10.Austria League - middlenational league1.38:22 map
9.11.Club Cup - individualclub event2.30:24+0:41 map
10.11.Club Cup - relayclub event1. (3)26:19 map
1.12.Kauflaufregional event1.17:03
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Latest news

Update of mapped maps. There is no time to update more :-(. You can check list of my orienteering maps.

Next 14.1 km2 of new map was created by me and 7 colleagues in the France. You can check list of my orienteering maps.

Mapped very interesting terrain in Slovakia, close to Banska Bystrica. It is a map for Slovakian Championships and it is combined of tricky vegetation, nice mining area and clear forest. You can check list of my orienteering maps

Partially updated this page with new information. But lot of things remains obsolete, until I found more time to update it.

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